GENERAL CONDITIONS: Prices, Payments and Returns

This Agreement regulates the commercial relationship between the CLIENT and the business. regarding the purchases of the products that the CLIENT has an interest in making. These conditions regulate and apply to all sales made from the website or any other website where the business. wants to conduct its business. The realization of any order means that you have read and accepted these conditions of sale.

The shipment of the order formulated by the Client implies its agreement with the present general conditions of sale. No stipulation made by the Client regarding the conditions of purchase, payment methods or other documents will differ from those of the business., if it has not been expressly accepted by this company before. The catalogs and price lists may be modified at any time, without prior notice, depending on the evolution of the economic conditions, in order to promptly inform the client of said changes through their publication on the website.

All payments are subject to the conditions expressed herein, which will be valid in any situation. Therefore, no term or condition included in a payment by the CLIENT, which is in contradiction with these conditions, will be valid. The sale will be formalized when the business. have accepted and received the payment of the entire purchase amount. The sending of a payment by the CLIENT does not constitute a contract, the business. reserves the right to cancel any payment from a customer for any legitimate reason related mainly to the abnormal nature of the payment.

the business. allows cancellation free of charge up to 30 days before arrival.

Despite the general policy, the business. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to partially return the money paid in a lower period, without the fact of having made it ever serve as a precedent. To report changes, returns or cancellations, you must contact:

The prices can vary without notice. The amount that will be billed will be the one that is in force, either in the price list or in a special offer for each determined period of time. the business. undertakes to respect the prices of payments already processed at the time of such changes.

the business. will not be liable for breach of any term of this contract if it is caused by any circumstance outside the company. This Contract, both for its application and its interpretation will be regulated by Spanish Law. The language will be Spanish. The parties undertake to resolve amicably any differences that may arise in this Agreement. In the event that a friendly settlement is not possible, and judicial litigation is appropriate, both parties agree, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply to them, submitting to the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Courts.