Relaxing and Anti-contracture Massage

If you want to relax and disconnect from the world and from everyday tensions, relaxing massage is perfect. Let yourself to be surrounded by a pleasant sensation of well-being.


Sports Massage

This technique is used to prepare the athlete for the competition, both before and after the exercise.


Stretching and stretching therapy

Set of techniques and specific stretches to return the body to its proper tension and contraction.


Lymphatic drainage massage

Beneficial for stimulating circulation, combating fluid retention and eliminating toxins with a set of slow and progressive movements.


Facial Massage

A facial massage session relaxes the tensions of the muscles of the face and tonifies them, defining the outline of the face.


Therapeutic Foot Massage

With this massage the energy blockages are released so it favours the relaxation, producing simultaneous reactions throughout the body that allow to balance the nervous system.

*Ask us at the reception for the chosen massage at least 48 hours in advance. This service is external to the hotel.

**Massage made with artesanal essential oils.

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TRIPADVISOR, October 2015

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